Thursday, April 10, 2008

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On Demand Books Signs Agreement with Lightning Source

Who is On Demand Books and What Do They Do?
Back in 2006, a device called the Espresso Book Machine was created by a company called On Demand Books. The Espresso Book Machine can print and bind library quality individual books in about 15 minutes. These books are identical to factory made books and are printed directly from a digital file. With the ability to walk up to an Espresso machine and “order” your desired book, On Demand Books intends to make the practice of warehousing book obsolete. Books top out at around 550 pages, and production cost is about five cents per page. There are currently 2.5 million books available for printing by the Espresso.

Who is Lightening Source and What Do They Do?
Lightning Source is the leader in demand-driven book manufacturing and distribution solutions to the publishing industry. Lightning Source manufactures books in demand at the request of the publishers and distributes them all over the world. What makes Lightning Source unique is that they will manufacture any quantity of books whether it be 10 or 1,000.

How Will the Partnership Effect the Book Publishing/Selling World?
The partnership with Lightning Source gives On Demand access to Lightning Source’s scanning facilities, but it also gives On Demand access to copyrighted material through an opt in/opt out clause that Lightning Source will add to its publisher contracts. This means that hopefully, in the near future anyone will be able to walk into a bookstore, head to an Espresso Book Machine and order whatever book they desire and have it in their hands within minutes! This is a reader’s dream!

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