Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Next Big Thing in Books


It appears that the book world is finally making its foray into the new millenium and it's starting with a new book series titled The 39 Clues. No one can deny that computers and the internet are no longer just the wave of the future - the future is here and all media is now driven by and dependent on the internet and books don't want to be left behind.

The 39 Clues, is a series that will feature 10 books (the first goes on sale in September) as well as related internet-based games, collectors’ cards and cash prizes. Now it has been announced that DreamWorks has acquired the film rights and the movies will be directed by Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg, Dreamworks, & Scholastic released the following statement:"`The 39 Clues' takes creative leaps to expand the story experience from the pages of the books to multiple stages of discovery and imagination."

The 39 Clues will be about a powerful, mysterious family that lives in upstate New York. The first installment, "The Maze of Bones," was written by Rick Riordan. Jude Watson and Gordon Korman are among those who will write future volumes.
Like Harry Potter, The 39 Clues is geared towards kids and young adults, however, I hope that also like Harry Potter, the books will be appetizing to adults as well. Can't wait!
*The Maze of Bones on Sale September 9, 2008*

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